Work Beginning to Extend Wasson Way to Ault Park

Work Beginning to Extend Wasson Way to Ault Park

UPDATE: June 1, 2021

The Ault Park Valley Trail from the Old Red Bank Rd trailhead up to and slightly past the train trestle bridge is closed until further notice. The area is an active construction site and is not safe for the public. There are risks from heavy machinery, falling trees, and other potential hazards related to this ongoing phase of the Wasson Way Connector.  The area should reopen to public access this fall when the Connector is finished. Click here for a map highlighting the closed areas (indicated in red).

The Wasson Way Trail is growing. Currently the trail runs from Marburg Avenue in Hyde Park to Montgomery Road at the edge of Xavier’s campus. Work is now starting to extend the trail from Marburg to Ault Park.

Park Board staff and the City’s DOTE (Department of Transportation and Engineering) worked together to plan how the trail would meet the park. The paved pathway will cross an old railroad trestle and zig zag down a hillside to connect to Old Redbank Road. From there cyclists and pedestrian can connect to the Murray Avenue Trail and walkers can connect to Ault’s Valley Trail and the other trails in Ault Park. In order to connect the two trails, unfortunately, 40 trees have to be removed due to steep terrain and tree cover. However, we are glad to report that at least twice this number of new trees will be planted in 2022 upon completion of the trail construction.

Work on this section of the Wasson Way project is beginning in late March and construction will be completed by the end of the year.

This project is a significant part of the regional multi-use trail system known as the CROWN Network and will create a new amenity and accessible link to Ault Park. We are excited that work is beginning on the Ault Park phase of this project which will create a new recreational asset and urban greenway connecting many of Cincinnati’s neighborhoods.

Photo credit: @crowncincinnati

Ault Park trail construction map