Visiting California Woods In March Is A Must!

california woods trail surrounded by tall green leafed trees

Visiting California Woods In March Is A Must!

Gia Giammarinaro, one of Cincinnati Parks’s Naturalists, shares her 5 favorite things about California Woods in March.

1. Water! March can bring a variety of conditions water-wise in California Woods. We might have ice. The best place to observe ice is at the spillway, where the running water sometimes freezes and makes a partially frozen waterfall. Sometimes in March, the water is high near the entrance of the park, which can attract wildlife. When you see this, be on the lookout for Muskrat, American Beaver and Woods Ducks!

2. Harbinger of Spring. This small wildflower, often also called Salt and Pepper, is true to the first name and often the very first native wildflower you will see.

3. Squirrels. It’s not your imagination, the squirrels are definitely out more!

4. Flowers in trees. In March, the tips of the branches on many of our deciduous trees look “fuzzy.” These branch tips have small flower buds, which are open now. These flowers are wind pollinated and will later make the maple “helicopters,” oak acorns and beech nuts we all know so well.

5. Maple buckets. Maple sugaring season goes through February into early March.