Rapid Run Park


4450 Rapid Run Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45238

Park Features

At just under 50 acres, Rapid Run Park in Price Hill has rolling hills, paved walkways, a playground and several picnic areas. The park’s stone shelter offers a view through its arched windows of a picturesque shallow lake, one of the best spots around to launch your toy boat. There are baseball diamonds that are kept available for impromptu games, and woods for lots of shady picnics under 45 species of trees. The park was originally called “Lick Run Park,” in reference to this area’s original Native American and early European settlers’ traveling up “Lick Run Valley,” which is today Queen City Avenue.

Rapid Run Park
4450 Rapid Run Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

  • Picnic Area
  • Rental Shelter/Picnic Area
  • Lake/Pond/Fountain
  • Hiking Trail
  • Playground
  • Comfort Station/Restrooms

Rapid Run Park (West Price Hill)

  • Set on a rise overlooking a reflecting pool, the Rapid Run Park Pavilion, built in 1941, consists of an open arcaded central block flanked by lower wings in a U-shaped plan. The coursed ashlar stone walls are punctuated by soldier-coursed window lintels and arches. The pavilion was designed by Tietig & Lee.