Parkers Woods


4500 Langland St. Cincinnati, OH, 45223

Park Features

Parkers Woods is located in Northside off Hamilton Avenue at Haight Street. The first parcel of land was acquired in 1911 and another parcel was added in 1953. Many of the original trees of the forest that covered the area when it was the northern limit of the 266-acre farm purchased by the Langlands in 1822 are still standing. There are many wildflowers to see, it is a pleasant place to picnic and there is play equipment for small children. Alexander Langlands Parker, who in 1911 sold 27.5 acres to the Park Board, was a grandson of its original owner.

Parkers Woods
4500 Langland St.
Cincinnati, OH, 45223

  • Hiking Trail
  • Significant Natural Areas