We are Naming Two Parks in Honor of Park Champions

Volunteer clearing invasives at Walnut Woods

We are Naming Two Parks in Honor of Park Champions

At the December 16th Board of Park Commissioner’s meeting, the Board voted to re-name Classen Park as “Gallagher Park” in recognition of the extraordinary public service and commitment to the natural environment and enhancement of Cincinnati’s tree canopy by Mr. Paul Gallagher for more than half a century.

They also named Hoyes Field as the “Walnut Woods of Evanston” in recognition of the tremendous community driven collaboration to reclaim this previously inaccessible space as a public park. Both namings were requested and supported by the communities and Community Councils where the parks are located.

Gallagher Park

Classen Park, a small sitting park located in Clifton Heights, has officially been renamed Gallagher Park, after longtime Cincinnati Parks volunteer Paul Gallagher. Mr. Gallagher, a retired Cincinnati firefighter has been an active member of the CUF neighborhood for over 50 years and has served on the Urban Forestry Board since 1999.  

Over the years, Paul took on the responsibility of greening his neighborhood by planting thousands of trees in yards, public right of ways, sidewalks, empty lots and parks, including Classen, Fairview, Bellevue and Coy Park. Paul is especially fond of Classen Park and stops there every day to see ‘if anything needs attention”.  

At 94 years old, Paul continues to support and advocate for Parks. The Park Board is grateful for his many years of service and is proud to honor his legacy with this name change.  

Walnut Woods of Evanston

Over the last several years, the Walnut Hills High School community has been working together with Cincinnati Parks, the Civic Garden Center and the Evanston Community Council to transform the 10-acre parcel of unused land located between Victory Parkway and Sulsar Avenue into a habitat restoration area and community park.  

Volunteers have recorded over 5,600 hours of service at this park over the last 6 years. Volunteer projects include honeysuckle and other invasive plant removal, planting of over 2,000 native trees and shrubs, picking up trash and building a functional trail system. Because of this hard work, Cincinnati Parks is officially renaming this property “Walnut Woods of Evanston.”  

We are so grateful for the time and dedication of the many volunteers who have helped transform this park. This name change is welcome and much deserved.    

Parks Staff will work with the community to develop and install the appropriate signage at Gallagher Park and the Walnut Woods of Evanston.