Volunteers make it happen!

memorial statue in a park

Volunteers make it happen!

The value of volunteering is important in contributing to a healthy and vibrant community. Many individuals volunteer for Cincinnati Parks and you can too!

In fact, Deborah Grayson was recognized at the last Board meeting for all of the wonderful work that she has accomplished for Cincinnati Parks.

[photo_box title=”” image=”” align=”” link=”” target=”_blank” greyscale=”0″ animate=””][/photo_box]Ms. Deborah Grayson began volunteering in Valley Park in 2005 during a Make a Difference Day volunteer outing.  She started by planting flowers around the War Monument and quickly realized watering was necessary.  Deb filled one-gallon water jugs and hulled them up to the park to water the fledgling plants.  She has slowly added to this garden area with cuttings from her own garden and plant gifts from family and friends.

Through the years garden areas have been added at the three corners of the park and around the flagpole with the help of Park Horticulturist Mary Dorn and Josh Hill.  These areas serve as inspiration and connection for Deb as she remembers many family members that served in the armed forces.  She plants red, white and blue flowers whenever possible!

Over the years, Deb has also engaged other community organizations to help with projects in Valley Park.  Organizations such as River City Correctional, Talbert House, District 1 Cincinnati Fire Department, and Koa Brands have all help on projects including mulching and planting.  Not only have these organizations helped with much-needed labor but they have also donated supplies and plants.  She has also organized volunteers in Valley Park during city wide volunteer service days such as Make a Difference Day, Earth Day, Greater Cincinnati Corporate Challenge and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

Deb is grateful for the opportunity to give back to her city, community, and neighborhood park.  She appreciates the ability to work closely with Park employees and Larry Parker has even given her a water key to more efficiently water the Valley Park gardens!

Volunteers make it happen. We can not do it without you! If you are interested in strengthening your community through volunteering, click here!