Volunteers Make It Happen!

UFAB volunteers accepting an award

Volunteers Make It Happen!

Volunteering is a rewarding way for citizens to be engaged in their favorite parks. Those who volunteer their time for Cincinnati Parks directly contribute to a more vibrant and healthy community. The Park Board recognizes volunteers who go above and beyond to make outstanding impacts. During the September 2018 Board Meeting, the citizen volunteers of the Urban Forestry Advisory Board (UFAB) were recognized for contributing greatly to the success of the urban forestry program. Citizen members include Caryl Cooley Fullman (Community Representative, Chair), Reno Runck (Business Representative, Vice-Chair), Eric Doepke (Green Industry), Paul Gallager (Community Representative), and Deborah Zureick (Green Industry).

The UFAB is a mix of volunteer and City of Cincinnati staff who advise the Park Director on planning, promotion, and guidance of the urban forestry program. In 2018, the UFAB assisted with the planning of the City’s arbor day celebration, represented the City at the 2018 Arbor Day Awards, assisted with the completion of the 2018 Tree Management Plan, and is currently working on the Natural Resource Management Plan update. Additionally, UFAB volunteers helped the City achieve the Tree City USA and Tree City USA Growth awards for 2017 (pictured above). With their guidance, the City is on track for receiving these awards again for 2018.

Volunteers make it happen. We can not do it without you! To learn more on how you can become an engaged volunteer strengthening your community, please visit our Volunteering Page.