Volunteers Like Alan Bunker Make it Happen!

Alan Bunker prunes a tree near a playground

Volunteers Like Alan Bunker Make it Happen!

Volunteering is a rewarding way for citizens to be engaged in their favorite parks. Those who volunteer their time for Cincinnati Parks directly contribute to a more vibrant and healthy community. The Park Board recognizes volunteers who go above and beyond to make outstanding impacts. During the January 2019 Board Meeting, Alan Bunker, a retired Forester, was recognized for his volunteerism.

Alan Bunker began volunteering for Cincinnati Parks in spring of 2017.  He approached Parks staff to offer his professional expertise as an arborist.  Alan initially worked in the East Region at Ault Park, but currently serves in the Waterfront Region parks pruning trees.

Alan gives average of 3.5 hours of his time twice a week.  His work consists largely of pruning, including all species of trees, pruning deadwood, and increasing clearance on paths and trails.  He also helps with the plant containers on the Purple People Bridge.  Alan has completed over 100 hours of service in more than 30 work shifts since September, 2018. He is a steward to conservation of our natural environment, and a dedicated public servant.  Alan’s service is a true asset.  He not only impacts the work of our staff with a professional skill set, but brings enthusiasm and appreciation to the staff and all who work with him. Thank you Alan!

Volunteers make it happen. We can not do it without you! To learn more on how you can become an engaged volunteer strengthening your community, please visit our Volunteering Page.