Vietnam Veteran Memorial Garden Dedicated

A group cuts the ribbon to open the Vietnam Memorial Garden

Vietnam Veteran Memorial Garden Dedicated

Saturday, May 25, Cincinnati Parks, supporters and City officials gathered to welcome a special Vietnam Memorial Garden to Cincinnati’s iconic Eden Park. The garden is located at the intersection of Eden Park Drive and St. Paul Drive.

The new garden is an extension of the pre-existing Vietnam Memorial statue and creates a separate but related space for quiet contemplation in a garden setting. It includes a variety of plants, seating and an accessible pathway. This new garden will serve the general public, but will specifically serve those who have suffered with PTSD, serving as a respite.

The project was made possible by an anonymous donor and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. The garden was designed and installed by Cincinnati Park Board staff. Jennifer Spieser, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation commented, “We are honored to have worked with this donor to dedicate this peaceful and tranquil space for all veterans throughout our region. We owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who have served this country.”

As part of Memorial Day weekend remembrances, the project officially opened to the public. Council member David Mann, a US Navy veteran, provided remarks and participated in the program. He commented, “Our country has been blessed by generations of men and women who risked their lives, and sometimes gave them, for the values of our country. Vietnam was a particularly challenging time as our society often transferred its doubts about the war to those who were drafted to go to war. We must always honor unselfish service to our country.”

The program also included a color guard presentation by the Vietnam Veteran’s of America Chapter 10.

Cincinnati Parks Director Wade Walcutt took part in the recognition and offered his gratitude for those involved in making it successful. He commented, “We were fortunate to have received this anonymous gift courtesy of our partners at the Parks Foundation. Without it this beautiful space would not have been possible. It’s allowed us to create something for everyone to enjoy and especially those who have served us.” He continued, “I’m also quite proud of our staff who designed and installed this amazing garden feature to stand the test of time.”


A large group of people cuts a large ribbon near the garden.
Looking up at the memorial statue of two soldiers
One color guard solider handing a gun to another soldierVietnam Veterans stand at the dedication in Eden Park
A man plays the trumpet while soldiers stand at attentionA man plays the trumpet while soldiers stand at attention
Wade Walcutt gives remarks at a podium.
David Mann gives remarks at the podium.David Mann gives remarks at the podium.
A memorial plaque reads" To remember those whose inner peace has been rent by war."
Two men sit and talk on a new memorial bench