Tom Jones Commons Construction Update

Tom Jones Commons Construction Update

Tom Jones Commons Construction Update

We are excited to have construction underway at Tom Jones Commons. Groundbreaking took place for this project in October 2019.

Thanks to the generous donation from Tom Jones and support from the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, the field in Eden Park south of Mirror Lake and along Martin Drive near the old water reservoir is being transformed with a variety of features. The donation will also support maintenance of the Commons area, ensuring its beauty for the enjoyment of park users for generations to come.

The project will create a new walking loop around the perimeter of the field and will extend up to Mirror Lake, Seasongood Pavilion and beyond to the Art Museum and the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

Eden Park’s newest attraction will open in late Spring 2021. Named after its donor, Tom Jones Commons will include the following features:

  • Walking loop
  • Steps up to Mirror Lake
  • A Picnic Shelter
  • A wetlands and boardwalk
  • A nature playscape
  • A welcome kiosk with histories of the park and its attractions
  • New trees and landscape
  • Seating

Rendering of Design Concept for Tom Jones Commons in Eden Park