Three Ways to Finish the Year out in Cincinnati Parks

Eden Park Overlook

Three Ways to Finish the Year out in Cincinnati Parks

The last week of the year is always bittersweet. It’s a time to reflect on the year you had and plan for the year to come. This year is no different, except for the weather. 2021 is bidding farewell to us with a spell of warm weather. Although unusual, it’s a nice treat and the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors. Looking for ways to get outside and into Cincinnati Parks? Check out the list below:

  1. Lose yourself in nature – Visit any of our nature preserves or Mt. Airy Arboretum. Immersing yourself in nature is relaxing and peaceful, and a great way to disconnect before the new year.
  2. Stroll the paved walkways at our Riverfront Parks – Perfect for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs. Or for those of you looking for something less strenuous. Start at Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park and enjoy the many structures spread throughout the park. From there make your way to Sawyer Point and admire the Serpentine Wall. Finish your stroll at Smale Riverfront Park for perfect views of the Ohio River and the Roebling Bridge.
  3. Spend time at some of our best overlooks – We are lucky to have some great overlooks at Cincinnati Parks. On the West Side, check out Mt. Echo Park, Olden View Park and Bellevue Hill Park. On the East Side, visit Twin Lakes at Eden Park, Larz Anderson or Alms Park.

Although 2021 is almost over, there is still time to enjoy the remaining days. We hope that you find time to get outside and into nature and enjoy these surprisingly warm December days.

Photo by Ralph Hodge (ralphodge) at Eden Park Overlook