The Urban Coyote

A side portrait of a coyote

The Urban Coyote

By now, many of us have had the opportunity to see a coyote making its way through the green spaces and urban areas of our city. While historically, not originally native to Ohio, coyotes have greatly expanded their range and are now found throughout North America. Today, coyotes have become a resident of most major metropolitan areas.

While many people fear that coyotes pose a threat to household pets or may be getting into garbage containers, studies have found that mice and other small rodents account for as much as 42% of their diet. Most commonly seen at dawn and dusk, coyotes have come to play an important role in our urban environment controlling rodent populations.

If you find yourself lucky enough to see a coyote, it is best to observe it from a distance. To learn more check out this great article “10 Fascinating Facts About Urban Coyotes” by Jami Heimbuch.¬†