The Ault Park Weeping Cherry Trees Need YOU!

view of weeping cherry tree and people sitting under them

The Ault Park Weeping Cherry Trees Need YOU!

Every year in Ault Park between March & April you can expect to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. Their vibrant pink and white buds and cascading branches stop many in their tracks to admire their beauty.

Cherry blossoms are not native to the Cincinnati area, so you may be wondering how they got here. In the 1930’s, 1,000 Japanese Cherry Blossom trees were given to the city as a gift to Mayor Russell Wilson. Since then, Cincinnati Parks staff and the Japan America Society have worked hard to bring more trees to the cherry grove and maintain them.

The yearly tradition of admiring the Cherry Trees is an important link between Cincinnati and Japan and we would like to carry this tradition on for years to come. If you want to help ensure that the cherry grove at Ault park lives on for future generations, you can support the Ault Park Advisory Council’s fundraising effort by visiting aultparkac.org from now until April 1. The donations will be used to maintain, prune and plant additional cherry trees.

You can also become a volunteer! SIGN UP to help plant thirty new trees in the groves on Saturday, March 21. We are also accepting 6 new volunteers to support a tree care and maintenance program! If you have any questions, contact our volunteer coordinator Christyl.johnson-roberts@cincinnati-oh.gov.

And of course, we encourage you to make a trip out to see the Cherry gardens in full bloom, whenever they decide it’s time. We’ll keep you posted …

Where are the Weeping Cherry Trees located?

As you enter Ault Park on Observatory Road, you will find Kwanzan Cherry tree grove on the hillside slopes planted by the Parks team. You continue further and you will find the Japanese Cherry blossom tree grove, located at the park intersection of Observatory Road and Observatory Circle. This site is near the Ault Parks Commons . This has become a popular attraction for easel painters and family photos celebrating the coming of spring.


map of ault park cherry tree locations and where new ones will be planted