Thank You Ed & Mona Puckett

Ed and Mona Puckett volunteering at Krohn

Thank You Ed & Mona Puckett

Volunteering matters. In fact, Cincinnati Parks relies on thousands of volunteers each year who perform essential tasks to keep our world class park system well maintained and functioning. There is perhaps no better example of the difference volunteers can make than Ed and Mona Puckett who began volunteering at Krohn Conservatory during the first Butterfly Show in 1996. The show is about to celebrate its 25th anniversary in March 2020. This means they have volunteered a total of 7,000 hours, the equivalent of 875, 8-hour work-days.

For most of its 25 years a visit to the Butterfly Show meant almost certainly an interaction with Ed or Mona Puckett, often found greeting guests at the door, checking in or answering phones at Guest Services. They designed coloring sheets and puzzle booklets to add an element of delight to educational programs. Ed, a former Engineer Technician at Milacron used his talents to make talking birds and monkeys. There are not enough thanks to be expressed for everything the Puckett’s have done for Krohn and Cincinnati Parks. We cannot imagine a future Butterfly Show without the help of Ed Puckett, and we are beyond thankful for the continuation of Mona’s volunteerism.

The Park Board of Commissioners formally honored Ed and Mona Puckett on November 21, 2019 for their dedication to Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory. Unfortunately, Ed Puckett recently passed away, therefore, Mona Puckett, along with family, accepted recognition for them both. At the recognition Andrea Schepmann, Krohn General Manager spoke of the Puckett’s insight, creativity, and dedication for the benefit of staff and Krohn Conservatory guests.

We could use your help. If you are interested in becoming involved in on-going service for Cincinnati Parks, please click the links below to learn more about opportunities.

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