Replacing Oak Trees at Presidential Grove

Presidential Grove Eden Park

Replacing Oak Trees at Presidential Grove

“An Oak tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings.”― Matshona Dhliwayo

We are saddened to announce that two mighty oak trees in the Presidential Grove at Eden Park will be removed next week. The pin oak commemorating Abraham Lincoln and the shingle oak commemorating President Lyndon B. Johnson are both in decline and present hazardous conditions for park visitors.

Removing a tree is never an easy decision but maintaining a safe environment for our staff and park users is always our top priority. Our expert Urban Forestry staff members evaluate trees regularly and report that both trees are losing branches, have dying crowns, and have reached the end of their lives.

Despite the difficulty of parting ways with these historic trees, two new oaks will be planted in their place this fall. In time, these young trees will grow into large, healthy oaks, representing wisdom and longevity, just as their predecessors did for so many years.

Eden Park’s Presidential Grove was established on April 27th, 1882 during the first Arbor Day celebration in Cincinnati. On this day, trees were planted for each US president who had held office until then. The tree planting tradition continues to this day.

Maintaining and expanding the City’s tree canopy is a major part of the mission Cincinnati Parks carries out each year. Cincinnati Parks maintains roughly 655,000 trees of trees annually and is continuously expanding the urban canopy through initiatives such as the annual ReLeaf program made possible thanks to the partnership and generosity of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and MadTree Brewing.

Abe Lincoln oak tree
abe lincoln oak tree