Plants, Pets, Pee…Oh My!

Sign at Piatt Park reading "It's Piatt. Not Pee-att."

Plants, Pets, Pee…Oh My!

Ever noticed brown patches of grass or dead flowers in your yard? If you have pets, the culprit is likely close by. Dog urine contains high amounts of urea, a nitrogen compound, and alkaline salts. In concentrated amounts, the nitrogen in urine dries out plants and causes chemical leaf burn. Dog urine also alters the pH of the soil, which makes it more alkaline and damages the plant’s roots. This problem isn’t confined to grassy lawns, but landscaped areas as well. When our furry friends urinate in landscaped flower beds or bushy areas in our parks, the plants suffer just the same.

Cincinnati Parks are spaces for all to enjoy – and that includes our four-legged friends! We welcome pets to our parks and are working toward creating the best spaces for pets and people alike, which is why we need your help! We’re working to address the issue of pet waste in landscaped areas, which is extremely harmful to flowers and other plant life. Cincinnati Parks staff work each day digging and mulching in the same spaces were our four-legged friends “go.” This can create an unsanitary work place and unpleasant scent for park visitors as the flowers beds become saturated with urine or feces. 

Before your pet lifts a leg, please redirect the stream away from a tree or flower bed. Also, Cincinnati Parks provides complimentary dog-waste bags in some of our parks! If you are interested in getting one in your neighborhood park, send a request via the CincyFixIt app today!