Hyde Park Square


2700 Erie Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45208

Park Features

A small sitting park in the center of an urban square (which itself features eclectic shops and eateries), the centerpiece of Hyde Park Square is Kilgour Fountain, originally installed in 1900 as a gift to the city. The fountain was completely restored in 2003.

Hyde Park Square
2700 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

  • Lake/Pond/Fountain
  • Historic Feature/Public Art

Hyde Park Square (Hyde Park)

  • Kilgour Fountain: In 1900, real-estate investor Charles Kilgour donated this fountain to the people of Hyde Park. Centrally located on Hyde Park Square, this bronze fountain features a classically draped female figure, lion-head water spouts and fluted basins. The work of Cincinnati-born sculptor Joseph Cronin (1859-1923), the fountain was restored and redesigned in 1976 by Eleftherios Karkadoulias, who lowered the lamps and added a large concrete pool. Karkadoulias was also responsible for the restoration of the Tyler Davidson Fountain.

Wulsin Triangle (Hyde Park)

  • Service Building: This triangular tract at Madison Road and Observatory is named after Lucien Wulsin (1845-1912), the principal donor. Wulsin went to work for the Baldwin Piano Company around 1866 and over the next 46 years developed the company into the foremost piano and organ dealer in the South and West. A 1937 plan for the park indicated a formal garden and service building, but the small stone shelter, designed by John B. Gartner, was not built until 1950. It reflects the Rustic style, with its field stone walls, low hipped roof and corner window.