Annwood Park


1900 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH, 45206

Park Features

This lovely, small park was given to the Cincinnati Park Board by neighbors of the property in an effort to save the beautiful trees and landscaped grounds from private development. The original gift of 1.5 acres in 1966 was added to in 1969 with a gift from Mrs. John Colville Taylor, in memory of her husband who was a Park Board Commissioner. The gifts stipulated that the property be used only as a “sit-in” park, containing no playground, recreational or picnic facilities and never be resold. The Board selected the name of Annwood Park since Annwood Street had been named in honor of Mrs. Ann Wood, mother-in-law of Judge Timothy Walker, who had resided with her daughter Ellen and the Judge on the Wold estate. Through donations by his neighbors, a flagpole and plaque were placed in the park in 1968 in memory of James Von Hamm Dale who was killed in action in Korea. The park also contains a grotto waterfall feature renovated by the Park Board from donations received in memory of Geoff Harden, a former Park Board horticulturalist.

Annwood Park
1900 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH, 45206