Park Board Hosts Burnet Woods Community Conversation

Kids sliding down concrete slide in Burnet Woods

Park Board Hosts Burnet Woods Community Conversation

Cincinnati’s public parks help build better lives and a better community. As park champions we recognize these natural resources and the life they sustain, must be protected and managed for current and future generations. Additionally, the uses must be balanced and aligned with the needs and desires of the community and the Park Board. In this regard, the Park Board is seeking feedback about the potential uses of, and improvements to, Burnet Woods.

To kick off this effort, the Park Board hosted a community conversation at the Clifton Recreation Center the evening of May 23rd, at which presentations from two different organizations; the Camping & Education Foundation and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center were shared. Goals of the community conversation were fourfold:

1) Community engagement – Establish clear and open dialogue from the start.

2) Share information – Distribute information about the potential opportunities to connect more people to parks. Provide details about potential partners, their missions, visions, and alignment with parks.

3) Listen – Create an environment where all views/ ideas/comments are welcome and voices are heard.

4) Learn – Collect perspectives, recognize/plan for potential impacts, and use the input to drive decision making.

Thankfully over 160 engaged community members participated in the conversation representing a clear expression of the community interest and passion for the park. We continue to receive feedback from various sources and welcome any additional feedback as we continue through this process. Both potential projects are just conceptual at this point and will not proceed without further deliberation and community input prior to any action by the Board of Park Commissioners.

In addition, a meeting was held at Corryville Recreation Center on August 13th, at which speakers presented and community feedback was gathered during a break out session.  Approximately 175 people were in attendance.  The agenda included the Burnet Woods 2007 Master Plan, a presentation from Preserve Burnet Woods, recaps from the Camping & Education and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. After the presentations, the following break out exercises were conducted to gather the communities feedback. Copies of the comments cards are included below:

a.  Visioning: New Ideas for Burnet Improvements
b. Focused Input on Current Proposals
c. What Else Do We Need to Know?
d. Have you been to Burnet Woods recently? Why or why not?
e.  General Comments

If you would like to provide feedback, download this survey and email to Jenny Mobley.


The Presentations

Camping & Educations Foundation

The Park Board has been working with the Camping & Education Foundation on joint nature education programs over the last 2 years and has been in discussions about collaborating on an Urban Wilderness Center, with much work still to be done to define what this center might be and how it could work. Click here to view the original presentation.  Click here to view the 10/18/2018 presentation. Click here to view the 6/20/2019 presentation. This was formally presented to the Park Board Commissioners On June 20th. Any feedback and comments are welcome and should be sent to this email link.

Clifton Cultural Art Center

The concept of developing a home in Burnet Woods for the Clifton Cultural Art Center is a new idea that has been proposed to Parks.
CCAC Materials:
6/18 Original Presentation
11/18 Design Plan
11/18 Business Plan
11/18 Campaign Plan

Preserve Burnet Woods

The goal of the Preserve Burnet Woods group is to sustain the natural environment in Burnet Woods through volunteerism and activity related to litter clean-up and education, invasive species removal, safety perception and opportunity for enhancement. Click here to view the presentation.

2007 Burnet Woods Master Plan

2006 Burnet Woods Ecological Assessment – Davey Resource Group

Community Feedback Summary
Burnet Woods Community Conversation – May 23, 2018
Board of Park Commissioners Meeting June 28, 2018
Burnet Woods – August 13 – Feedback Station
Burnet Woods – August 13 – Survey Results
Burnet Woods – August 13 – Post-it Notes