Nature – The Perfect Prescription for Social Distancing

man walking in the woods on a warm day

Nature – The Perfect Prescription for Social Distancing

This is shaping to be a scary month in Ohio and around the world. Cincinnati Parks is working hard to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are several new restrictions on our own activities that change how we typically go about our days. Many of us believe that with schools being out, day cares closed, and grocery stores bereft of toilet paper…that we have to stay inside.

The good news is, WE DON’T! Nature is still wide open.

We are supposed to take care of ourselves and give our bodies good nutrition. The best food comes from nature.

We are supposed to keep our minds and bodies fit with exercise. If it’s light outside, all of our parks are OPEN for exercising!

Even the most calm among us are likely to go stir-crazy over the coming weeks if we stay indoors. There are only so many books we have longed to read, only so many shows we have been meaning to binge-watch.
What else can you do? Take a hike. Walk your dog. Run a trail. Fly a kite. Just go outside.

Time in nature proves again and again to be exactly what we need to reduce stress and anxiety, help us build our immune system, strengthen our sense of belonging and many other benefits.

Use this time to go to a park and take a walk. Your body, mind and immune system will thank you for it.