Migrating Birds in Burnet Woods

Photograph of a Blackburnian Warbler on a Tree Branch

Migrating Birds in Burnet Woods

Spring and fall are exciting times in Burnet Woods. We prepare for the changing of leaves, bright colors, and cool weather. For birders in the park, these times are especially exciting. Migration into and out of the park means lots of colorful birds with their wonderful songs.

Burnet Woods is a known “hotspot” for citizen scientists who use the bird-tracking website eBird. This past fall season, we have seen many interesting migrants pass through. The most notable of these migrants are the warblers. Birders flock to the area on nice, cool mornings in the fall to try their chance at spotting a rare warbler that is passing through, feeding on berries, insects, and seeds. They will use this energy to make their incredible journey from Cincinnati to the southern hemisphere.

Of all the warblers that visit our beautiful park, one of Julie Botz’s (Cincinnati Parks staff member) favorite is the Blackburnian Warbler, “The males of this species are unmistakable. Their springtime molt is comprised of a flame-colored breast of yellow and orange. Their face has black eye-stripes, and they are covered in black-and-white striping. If you are looking for Blackburnian Warblers this spring, you should look up in the tops of trees, as they search for insects under trees.”

The variety of birds in Burnet Woods is spectacular. If you would like to be involved in citizen science tracking the birds that migrate through your area, you can use the website eBird to record your findings. It is easy to start looking for them. You can use a bird feeder in your own backyard, hang a suet, or visit any of our Cincinnati Parks.