MadTree Brewing Teams Up to Plant 70 Trees

Mad Tree Volunteers plant trees at Mt. Storm Park

MadTree Brewing Teams Up to Plant 70 Trees

MadTree Brewing recently gave out their 15,000th tree sapling in celebration of Arbor Day and celebrated by taking on an ambitious project in Mt. Storm Park. Partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and Cincinnati Parks, MadTree employees planted approximately 70 trees to renew the original vision for Mt. Storm Park.

“Trees aren’t just a part of our name, but rather represent who we are as a community partner and brewery,” said MadTree co-founder, Kenny McNutt. “Being able to restore the original vision for Mt. Storm Park is humbling and exciting for us.”

“Thanks to the generosity of several donors and the leadership of the Cincinnati Park Board and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, we have come together to restore Adolph Strauch’s original design of Mt. Storm Park. Partners like the Arbor Day Foundation and volunteers from MadTree Brewing are critical to what we do and we are grateful to have their support. Endeavors like this will outlive us all and provide benefits for generations to come. This is why our efforts to advance conservation are so very important,” said Wade Walcutt, Cincinnati Parks Director.

Mt. Storm Park is a 57-acre park just outside downtown Cincinnati in the Clifton neighborhood. The park is rich in history, designed by Adolph Strauch in 1850. Strauch is the renowned Austrian landscape architect who also designed Spring Grove Cemetery. At one time, Mt. Storm Park contained a greater variety of plant material than any other location in Cincinnati. This park is well known for its pastoral feel and innovative placement of trees that surprises and awes park visitors.

Part of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation Mt. Storm Tree Project, these trees help to renew Strauch’s aesthetic vision. The Foundation’s mission is to make the park once again serve as a wonderful respite for the local community. It will reconnect them to nature and all of its benefits including improvements to physical and mental health, providing an ideal environment for local wildlife and investing in the long-term future of the local environment.

People walk behind wheel barrels with the "Toolbank" logo
A group of 60 people stand and smile at the Mt. Storm Pavilion
Three Madtree employees dig a hole.
A large group of Madtree employees digging holes.
A man with a "Madtree" tshirt listens to a presentation about tree planting.
Two men wrestle a large tree into a hole.