MadTree Brewing Partners with Parks Foundation to Plant Donated Trees at Laurel Park

MadTree employee using shovel to remove soil to plant a tree

MadTree Brewing Partners with Parks Foundation to Plant Donated Trees at Laurel Park

Today, MadTree Brewing and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation planted 107 trees in Laurel Park in Cincinnati’s West End. There were 70 MadTree Brewing volunteers from across the organization and the taproom was closed specifically so that all could participate. They got their hands dirty planting, digging, mulching and watering. This is part of MadTree Brewing’s commitment to the 1% For the Planet initiatives. The generous donation made by MadTree Brewing and the Parks Foundation totals $30,000 and includes watering and maintenance of the trees to ensure survival.

“We have always worked to be bigger than beer – connecting with our community in such a direct way is at the heart at who MadTree is,” said Brady Duncan, Co-founder of MadTree Brewing.

These trees are one component of a larger focused collaboration to rejuvenate Laurel Park. As a critical urban greenspace, the park is an overworked carbon/heat sink struggling to keep up with the localized pollution given its proximity to Interstate 75 less than one-half mile to its west. Enhancing the tree canopy will, over time, measurably decrease the surface air temperature of the neighborhood and improve overall air quality for residents and park users.

Other planned investments into Laurel Park include the installation of free public Wi-Fi, and, at its focal point, the erection of a 13’ bronze statue of World Heavyweight Boxing Champion and hometown hero, Ezzard Charles. The statue will be surrounded by a newly developed plaza.

“The Cincinnati Parks Foundation is grateful to our friends at MadTree Brewing for their generosity to Cincinnati Parks and their support of the Ezzard Charles Project and Laurel Park’s revitalization. This project supports the community and will provide a much-needed tree canopy for the residents living within the West End. MadTree’s commitment to the environment locally, makes Cincinnati a healthier place to live,” stated Jennifer Hafner Spieser, Executive Director.

Cincinnati Parks Director Kara Kish said, “We are fortunate to have partners like these, whose commitment to seeing Laurel Park thrive goes much deeper than writing a check, as today proves. They are planting trees they donated as part of a larger rejuvenation of this space for future residents and park users to enjoy. We are beyond grateful and look forward to continuing this collaboration in the months and years to come.”

Rhiannon Hoeweler, Director of Strategic Impact at MadTree Brewing commented, “It is so exciting to have such an impactful partnership with Cincinnati Parks and Cincinnati Parks Foundation.  Partnering on projects like Laurel Park and ReLeaf to create a healthier, more sustainable, more connected city means so much to us.”

Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners

The Park Board’s Urban Forestry division works diligently to bring each residential neighborhood up to 40% tree canopy coverage to help improve the impacts of air pollution, urban heat island effect, residential energy demands, and storm water management. Just one large canopy deciduous tree, such as an oak or sycamore, can help control 400 to 1,000 gallons of stormwater through canopy interception. This benefits homeowners by adding shade, beauty, reducing soil erosion, and managing flooding from rainfall.

MadTree Brewing

Our new sponsor, MadTree Brewing, seeks to connect people to nature and to each other. They are beyond excited to partner with the Cincinnati Parks Fall ReLeaf program in making a direct, positive impact on their Oakley neighborhood, which is currently below the 40% tree canopy coverage goal for each neighborhood in Cincinnati. They embrace their namesake and work to celebrate and protect nature while reducing their impact on the environment.

They are proud members of 1% for the Planet, with a commitment to donate 1% of sales to non-profits focused on environmental sustainability. MadTree Brewing. Inspiring Madness. Rooted In Purpose. Contributions go directly to the non-profits to advance sustainability, and come in the form of monetary donations and volunteer time. 1% For The Planet was started by Yvon Choinard, founder of Patagonia, and is an international network of like-minded businesses and non-profit organizations.

Cincinnati Parks Foundation

Cincinnati Parks Foundation is the official philanthropic partner of Cincinnati Parks and was founded in 1995. Cincinnati Parks Foundation is committed to building broad-based private and public partnerships supporting the conservation and enhancement of our city’s parks and greenspaces. For more information, visit cincinnatiparksfoundation.org

Urban Forestry Manager, Crystal Courtney, introducing Laurel Park Tree Planting ProjectUrban Forestry Manager, Crystal Courtney, introducing Laurel Park Tree Planting Project
Crystal Courtney introducing tree planting project
Cincinnati Parks Director Kara Kish speaking to staff and volunteers
Cincinnati Parks Director Kara Kish speaking to staff and volunteers
MadTree volunteers and Cincinnati Parks staff getting ready to plant trees
volunteers and staff planting a tree
volunteers mulching tree area
wheel barrows for project
wheelbarrows lined up
madtree volunteers near madtree tents
cincinnati parks foundation tent
unplanted trees at park
staff near wheelbarrows
madtree founder speaking to volunteers and staff
volunteers being welcomed on to project
street where trees were getting ready for planting
taking tree out of casing
cutting up tree roots
preparing tree for planting
placing tree in hole volunteers dug
tree going into the hole
volunteers working together to prepare hole to plant the tree