Keeping it Fun During a Snowy, Cold Winter!

Two kids playing in snow at the Bettman Natural Resource Center

Keeping it Fun During a Snowy, Cold Winter!

The good news for warmer weather fans is that winter doesn’t last forever and since December 21st (Winter Solstice) the amount of daylight has started to get longer again as each day passes! In the meantime, take advantage of the few daylight hours available and do something fun for the whole family. Here are some suggestions for weekend family bonding in and outdoors:

  • Don’t under estimate the laughter to be had during a family talent or fashion show. Younger kids can make homemade instruments with cooking pots and cardboard tubes or dress up as their favorite movie character and act out scenes from the movie. If they enjoy dressing up, why not register for our “Frozen” in Nature program on Saturday, January 28 from 10 – 11:30 am at Avon Woods Nature Center? Go on an outdoor adventure hike to find the Frozen characters, discover how hail is formed, perform cool experiments and make a craft to take home. Cost is $10 per family (up to 4 children and 1-2 adults). Paid registration is required by Jan. 25th by calling 861-3435.
  • Using the Winter Olympics as the theme, head outside and see who can roll the biggest snowball, make the most snow angels and other active fun that will keep you warm and enjoying snowy weather.
  • If you prefer active fun indoors, how about Animal Olympic games such as who can be like an ant and carry the most balloons or jump as far as a rabbit? To prepare for this gold medal event, join us at “Yoga by Nature” inside LaBoiteaux Nature Center on Saturday, January 21st  from 9 – 10 am. Learn basic poses including those with animal names as you enjoy the sounds of nature. The program is FREE but reservations are required by calling 542-2909 before Jan. 19th.
  • Anyone can make a snow man but what about colorful snow art? Fill spray bottles with water and food coloring or koolaid to make colorful designs in the snow.  If snow is plentiful, make creative sculptures and add color to them.  Take a family photo with your works of art for next year’s Christmas cards!

No matter your choice of activities keep it fun and engaging for all….winter might soon be your favorite season!