Join the viral #Trashtag Challenge in YOUR #Cincyparks

Crushed plastic bottle on the ground.

Join the viral #Trashtag Challenge in YOUR #Cincyparks

Finally, an online viral trend that we can all get behind! The #Trashtag Challenge has been sweeping the internet, inspiring people young and old to clean up litter in their community. The challenge is easy:

  • Find an outdoor area with litter
  • Take a photo of the litter
  • Clean it up
  • Take a photo of the clean area
  • Post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the tags #Trashtag and @Cincyparks

The Cincinnati Parks system consists of more than 5,000 acres with 68 neighborhood parks, 33 nature preserves and numerous other amenities enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. It takes a lot to keep all of those acres litter-free and honestly we can’t do it alone. We’re challenging YOU to take the #Trashtag Challenge in your neighborhood park! You can make a huge impact for your community and better yet, complete two challenges at once. By volunteering litter clean-up at least one hour a month, you will also be completing Mayor John Cranley’s “Give One For Cincy” Challenge. Best of all, you don’t need to sign up first or show up at a specific time. This challenge is on your time and where you volunteer is up to you!

All parks could use your help, but check out the list of parks below that could use a little extra help.

Get out there, pick up some litter, give back to your community and join the viral challenge!

Map of Cincinnati Parks with stars on the parks listed in the article.Parks
Clark Point
Hyde Park Square
Kennedy Triangle
Montgomery Triangle
Piatt Park

Parks With Designated Areas
Avon Woods: trails
Bradford Felters Tanglewood: Kirby Trails parking, Kirby Trails
Burnet Woods: trails, Diggs Plaza, lake area
Drake Park: Shelter building and playground
Eden Park: Twin Lakes area, Spencer Overlook/Cliff Drive
Magrish Preserve: Trails and river bank
McEvoy Park: Shelter/parking area, trails
Mt Airy Forest: Trails
Mt Echo: Trails, overlook front and rear
Owls Nest: Picnic area
Seasongood Square: Picnic and playground area
Seymour Preserve: Parking area, trails, Este Ave
Stanbery: Playground areas