Hyde Park Square Revitalization is Complete

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Hyde Park Square Revitalization is Complete

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The Cincinnati Park Board is excited to announce the completion of a revitalization of Hyde Park Square Park in the center of Hyde Park Square. The project was a collaborative effort made possible thanks to Cincinnati Park’s official philanthropic partner, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and many private community donors.

Hyde Park Square is well known to most Cincinnatians. This island park, filled with benches and greenspace, is the centerpiece of this urban square. It is a popular place to congregate and enjoy the outdoors.

The project is especially welcomed by the local businesses surrounding the square who are excited for the revitalized park as an attraction for visitors. Come and see for yourself! Today members of the general public are invited to visit the square to check out the improvements in a safe, socially distant manner. When visiting there are plenty of businesses and shops to visit as well.

Executive Director Jennifer Hafner Spieser commented, “This year, the Cincinnati Parks Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary of making great impact within your Cincinnati Parks. Our passion is working within neighborhood Parks, thereby improving our community. We wish to thank the Hyde Park Square Revitalization Fundraising Chair Lori Wellinghoff. Lori served as a Board Member for nine years. She and her husband David contributed greatly to this project, along with many other generous families.”

Cincinnati Parks Director Kara Kish commented, “Cincinnati Parks have so much to offer and this park in particular has historically been a key part of the surrounding neighborhood. We are proud to work in partnership with the surrounding businesses, residents, donors and the Parks Foundation to make sure it will continue to be a vital part of Cincinnati for another generation.” She continued, “I especially enjoy making my way to the Square and visiting some of my favorite local businesses and encourage everyone to see the finished product for themselves.”

About the Renovation

The project will ensure this area remains a safe, functional and attractive place for the community. Key features of the renovated Hyde Park Square include:

· New widened, accessible sidewalks.

· A new handicap accessible drinking fountain.

· Installation of a new decorative metal fence around the park perimeter. This will ensure clear visibility at crosswalks for safety.

· Removal of overgrown hedges around the perimeter of the park.

· Replanting east-end and west-end flower beds with new flowering perennials and planting two new cherry trees.

· Replacement of the misshapen spruce tree at the east-end of the park with a new, fast-growing 8’ blue spruce.

· Renovation of the center lawn with new soil and sod.

· Replacement of the two benches at the west-end with backless benches to afford better views of both sides of the park.

To hear from project partners and see a virtual tour, click here:

Find the project site plan here.