Hyde Park Square Park Revitalization Project

view of hyde park square fountain, lawn and large tree.

Hyde Park Square Park Revitalization Project

Hyde Park Square is well known to most Cincinnatians. The island park, filled with benches and greenspace, is the centerpiece of this urban square. It is a popular place to congregate and enjoy the outdoors.
To ensure this area remains a safe, functional and attractive place for the community, the Cincinnati Park Board, Cincinnati Parks Foundation and private donors are funding the renovation of the Center Island Park in Hyde Park Square. Sidewalks in the park have already been replaced and a new handicap accessible drinking fountain has been installed. The following are key elements of the Hyde Park Square Center Island Park renovations:

  • Installment of a new, architecturally appropriate, 36″ black metal fence around the park perimeter. This will ensure clear visibility at crosswalks for safety.
  • Removal of dead hedgerows around the perimeter of the park, to be replaced with new boxwood hedges on all sides of the park.
  • Replanting east-end and west-end flower beds with new flowering perennials.
  • Replacement of the misshapen Spruce tree at the east-end of the park with a new, fast-growing 10’ Blue Spruce.
  • Renovation of the center lawn with new soil and turf.
  • Replacement of the two benches at the west-end with backless benches to afford better views of both sides of the park.

The renovation is expected to be completed in 2020. Find the site plan here. If you have any comments or feedback on these plans, please share them with us here. This project will be presented to the Board of Park Commissioners for approval on Friday February 28 at 9 AM, 950 Eden Park Drive and the public is welcome to attend. Speakers cards need to be filled out prior to 9 AM.