How is COVID-19 Affecting Cincinnati Parks?

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How is COVID-19 Affecting Cincinnati Parks?

Cincinnati Parks Response to COVID-19

Following Governor DeWine’s Stay at Home Order, Parks will take the following steps starting on 3/22/2020:

  • Users must observe social distancing recommendations of 6’ from other persons at all times (unless people are direct family members, caregivers, or part of a couple).
  • All playgrounds and play equipment will close effective immediately
  • Tennis courts and volleyball courts are closed. Basketball courts and disc golf courses will close on April 3 at 5PM.
  • Gates to Twin Lakes at Eden Park are closed to vehicular traffic until further notice
  • All drinking fountains will close effective immediately
  • Cincinnati Parks and trails will remain open. Cincinnati Parks has signed a joint-statement with the National Recreation and Park Association, and more than 500 agencies, partners, and like-minded organizations supporting the continued use of our parks and open spaces during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please click here to read the statement. https://www.nrpa.org/about-national-recreation-and-park-association/press-room/NRPA-statement-on-using-parks-and-open-space-while-maintaining-social-distancing/
  • Users should not use parks or trails if they exhibiting symptoms.
  • Users should follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting parks or trail.
  • Users should be prepared for no access to public restrooms in some locations.
  • Users should share the trails and warn other trail users of their presence as they pass.

Stay At Home Order Frequently Asked Questions

Early Bathroom Openings

Hand washing is key in preventing the spread of the disease and in keeping the safety of the public in mind, providing access to restrooms in our Parks is essential.

List of Open Restrooms:

The following restrooms will be open from 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 7 days/week.

  • Smale Riverfront Park at Walnut Street
  • Twin Lakes at Eden Park
  • Ault Park Heekin Overlook
  • Burnett Woods Bandstand
  • Alms Park Pavilion
  • Mt. Echo Park Pavilion
  • Mt. Airy Entrance
  • Mt. Airy Dog Park
  • McEvoy Park
  • Washington Park (maintained by 3CDC, hours may differ)
  • Fountain Square (maintained by 3CDC, hours may differ)

The restrooms will be regularly cleaned with the last cleaning of the day around 3:00 p.m.

Additional Updates

All Cincinnati Parks events are canceled from now until May 11th in accordance with guidelines from the state of Ohio. Find a list below of any events that have been canceled or postponed in response to COVID-19 concerns. For more frequent updates, visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Any special use events or picnic shelters/wedding area reservations canceled due to Coronavirus concerns will be refunded. To cancel please call 513-357-2604 and leave a voice message.

For general information about Coronavirus, please visit CDC’s main web page and CDC’s information on prevention of Coronavirus.

When visiting our parks, all general rules still apply.

Daily Does of Activities

Looking for activities to do? Visit our Daily Does of Activities page for suggestions on adventures one can have in Cincinnati Parks. We’ll update this page daily. Downloadable packets for home or on-the-go to come!

Closed to the Public

Park playgrounds and play equipment are closed following Governor Dewine’s Stay at Home Order on 3/22/2020.

All in-person customer service at Parks office buildings are temporarily unavailable. Please visit our online messaging system to reach departments directly.

Areas closed to the public:

-Tennis courts and volleyball courts. Basketball courts and disc golf courses will close on April 3 at 5PM

-Gates to Twin Lakes at Eden Park are closed to vehicular traffic until further notice

-Some Park Restrooms
-All Playgrounds and Play Equipment

-All drinking fountains
-Parks Administrative Building at 950 Eden Park Drive
-Riverfront at 705 East Pete Rose Way
-Planning, Design & Facilities at 2625 Reading Road
-Bettman Natural Resource Center at 4 Beech Lane
-All Cincinnati Parks Nature Centers

Event Updates

Check back here as more events and updates will be added daily.

-Krohn Conservatory is closed until further notice.

-Explore Nature! programs have been canceled through May 11.

-Carol Ann’s Carousel is closed until further notice.

-Cincinnati Parks volunteer events have been canceled through May 11.

-Riverfront events have been canceled through May 11.

For updates from our partners at the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, visit the Parks Foundation COVID-19 Event Preparedness Plan.

Please check back here as updates are made daily. Follow our social media pages at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.