Hidden Parks – Cincinnati Parks

forest with sun peeking through

Hidden Parks – Cincinnati Parks

If you love visiting our well-known Cincy Parks, then you’ll love exploring these lesser-known parks.

Cincinnati has over 5,000 acres of parkland and is recognized as having one of the best urban park systems in the country. Cincinnatians and out-of-towners alike love visiting our many regional parks. But did you know there are numerous lesser-known parks to explore as well? Find a list below. We hope you venture out to these hidden parks!

Fechheimer Park with water fountain, trees and houses in the background (photo by Christian Hueslman)

Fechheimer – Walnut Hills – A small, quiet, sitting park.

tiny triangular park with statue in the middle (photo by Channel 12)

Thornton Triangle – Sayler Park – The smallest park in Cincinnati at 1/10 of an acre with a statue of an eastern Woodlands Native American.

tiny green space with bushes and shrubs(google maps)

Clarks Point – O’Bryonville – One of Cincinnati’s smallest parks. It is in the heart of O’Bryonville.

tiny park with green lawn and bench

Annwood – East Walnut Hills – A small, tucked away park with walkways, gas lights and a hidden grotto.

garden with green lawn and small bushes aligned and a stone structure at the back

Fleischmann Gardens – Avondale – This park features winding walkways, a playground, a hidden garden and large trees.

view of the ohio river surrounded by trees and greenery

Wilson Commons – East Price Hill – This park has a walking loop and an overlook of the Ohio River.

park with tall trees next to a church (photo by Greg Reese)

Classen Park and Auburn Triangle – Two small sitting parks a block apart in Corryville and Clifton Heights.

large park with trees and sign in front (photo by Kris H.)

Madison Park – Hyde Park – A wooded triangular park

park with large lawn, facility and playground in back

Seasongood Square and MLKing Jr. Park – Avondale & North Avondale – Two parks along Reading Road a couple of blocks apart. Both parks have walking paths and playgrounds.

large green space with bushes and lawn (photo by Bryan Eversole)

Jergens Park – Northside – This is a small park on the site of a former historic residence

green lawn with playground (photo by Shauna Sellers)

Mayfield Park – Price Hill – This park features an open lawn area and playgrounds.

small park with view of lamp posts, plaza, large house and green space

Hopkins Park – Mt. Auburn – A small park that was gifted by Lewis C. Hopkins. It features oval terraced steps, concrete tables and benches and a play area for children.

facility at jackson hill park surrounded by grass and trees

Jackson Hill Park – Mt. Auburn – This park was purchased by the city in 1930. It features a picnic shelters and a spectacular view of the city.

There are also various Nature Preserves that we encourage people to visit and explore: Glenway Woods (Price Hill), LaBoiteaux Woods (College Hill), California Woods and Magrish Preserve (California), Buttercup Valley and Parkers Woods (Northside), Avon Woods (North Avondale), Little Duck Creek (Madisonville), Seymour Preserve and Caldwell (Carthage).

Cincinnati Parks has so many unique and memorable places to experience, large and small. Next time you are looking for an adventure, consider one of Cincinnati’s many hidden parks. If you do, please take a picture and share it with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.