Fall ReLeaf 2015 was able to provide 523 trees to 145 different participants in 34 communities.

The ReLeaf program’s original mission in 1988 was to provide trees for homeowners who either have street tree lawns that are too narrow to be planted by Urban Forestry or have overhead utility lines in them. The program has blossomed to include community and school involvement, property owners and diverse tree species selection.

The trees are planted in the front yard and provide the beauty and energy-saving shade of a street tree without the costly conflicts with overhead utilities. Funding from Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation allows us to provide the trees to Cincinnati property owners at no cost to them. We have given away more than 18,500 trees in the 27 years of the program.

For the current 2016 ReLeaf program, staff selected 5 different species of trees:  Serviceberry, Kousa Dogwood, Greenvase Zelkova, Dawn Redwood, and Brandywine Maple. Having a mix of small, medium, and large maturing trees available for the program allows participants and staff to select the right tree for the right place.  All planting sites are inspected to assure there will not be conflicts with utilities.

Interested in participating for 2016? Click the links below for the information flyer, tree selection, and request form. Please turn in your application by October 7th, 2016

2016 ReLeaf Info Flyer 

2016 Tree Selection  

2016 Request Form    

2015 ReLeaf Numbers


Also in 2015, Cincinnati Parks staff was again able to contribute to the efforts of Taking Root program.  Volunteers for Taking Root in Madisonville organized their own community participants, generating another 40 tree requests. Participants in the Program were encouraged to register their trees on Taking Root’s website. As participants register their trees, they will help Taking Root reach the goal of planting 2 million trees by 2020.