2018 Deer Management Program

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2018 Deer Management Program

 With fewer natural predators, the over population of deer are damaging the natural park environment. The plants and saplings that deer feed on support natural park forests and other habitat such as birds and small animals. Since 2007, as a way of addressing these challenges and promoting healthy forests the Board of Park Commissioners has operated a Deer Management program, including bow hunting, in accordance with the State of Ohio Division of Wildlife Division of Natural Resources (ODNR). Parks throughout Ohio and the US operate similar programs as part of protecting natural forests and wildlife. Cincinnati Parks is open to and does partner with other groups, such as the Clifton Deer Fertility Control Study to identify deer hunting alternative approaches that may prove effective. Cincinnati Parks is also installing fencing to protect seedlings and understory plants from deer, when possible. Deer hunting season in Ohio opens on Saturday September 29, 2018. This year, Cincinnati Parks staff has used feedback received from affected communities to make adjustments to the schedule that reduce and minimize park and trail closures during peak times.

For portions of the fall and winter, specified areas and trails within Cincinnati Parks will be closed as part of the Deer Management program. Between Sept. 29, 2018 and Mar. 31, 2019, sections of Alms Park, Ault Park, Bradford – Felter – Tanglewood Preserve, California Woods Preserve, Daniel Drake Park, Glenway Woods, Magrish Riverland Preserve, Miles Edwards Park, Mt. Airy Park, Seymour Preserve, and Stanbery Park will be affected. During open sessions, the public is asked to observe posted “Trail Closed” and “Park Area Closed” signs in the parks.

To view closure calendars and maps, or see answers to our “Frequently Asked Questions,” visit the Trail Closure Page.