Congratulations to Ann Uhlman for Winning Employee of the Year Award!

John Neyer, Crystal Courney and Ann Uhlman

Congratulations to Ann Uhlman for Winning Employee of the Year Award!

Congratulations to Ann Uhlman for being selected as Cincinnati Parks’ Employee of the Year!

Ann Uhlman began her service to the citizens of Cincinnati as a florist in 2003. Since then, Ms. Uhlman has used her time and talents to beautify, maintain and improve public spaces throughout the city. Now, Cincinnati Parks remains fortunate to have Ann’s energy and talents as the District Crew Leader in charge of the Greenspace Program, which is dedicated to beautifying public greenspaces in community business districts, downtown Cincinnati, main arteries, traffic islands, highway entrances, community gateways, park-like settings and other public areas through horticultural practices. We like to say, Greenspace’s efforts provide the veins that pull our park system together, truly making Cincinnati feel like a city within a park.

Ann and her team work each day to add a touch of splendor, making sure public rights of way, flower pots in business districts, and planting beds at gateways and high impact locations such as Fountain Square are up to the standards our citizens have come to expect. Ann is a model public servant who only wants to deliver the very best she can for our residents. One of her hallmarks is her focus and attention to details, that transpires into her team as she carries out her duties.

Ann’s genuine passion for the beautification of Cincinnati is what results in her stellar customer service. She works with and seeks feedback and partnership with over 26 business districts and development corporations. It is not uncommon to hear from a member of the community about how beautiful their greenspace is looking, or how wonderful it was working with Ann. This passion extends through to her team, where her leadership talents allow her to be viewed as a positive role model, listening to, and often working alongside her crew members.

As an organization, and a parks system, we are grateful to have among our ranks and are proud to nominate her for the Employee of the Year award.