Commissioners Explain Departure from Cincinnati Parks

Photos of 2016 Cincinnati Parks Commissioners Mrs. Gaither Smith and Mr. Budig

Commissioners Explain Departure from Cincinnati Parks

Former Park Vice President Merri Gaither Smith contacted Park staff to release a formal statement:

“My departure from the Cincinnati Park Board was not in response to requests or actions of the City Administration, or concerns of the direction of Park Commissioners and staff. My leaving after the end of my term was for my own personal reasons.  I continue my strong support of Cincinnati Parks, its Commissioners, and its staff.”

Also, former Park Board President Otto M. Budig, Jr. sent a letter to Mayor John Cranley and copied Park Commissioners explaining his decision to end his term, in part, due to serving “without…(reappointment) since November 30, 2015”.

Both Commissioners expressed their continued support of Cincinnati Parks, and extended well wishes to the Commissioners and Park staff for continued success in providing an outstanding park system.

Appendix A: Otto M. Budig Letter to Mayor John Cranley