Cincinnati Park Board Revamping Fee Waiver Process and Working With Partners To Identify Win-Win Solutions

Piatt Park

Cincinnati Park Board Revamping Fee Waiver Process and Working With Partners To Identify Win-Win Solutions

Cincinnati Parks is committed to providing parks spaces to build better lives and better communities. The goals and intent of TrIIIbe, and similar groups, was never in question. Cincinnati is fortunate to have many organizations carrying out charitable, community-minded work, often utilizing our park spaces. The opportunity for us is to find a way to provide a fair and equitable process for all of those wishing to use parks to provide much-needed community services.

Yesterday, the Cincinnati Park Board indicated the circumstances related to the TrIIIbe Event in Piatt Park were being reviewed in order to identify a “win-win” solution allowing the good work organizations such as TrIIIbe does to continue, while also preserving a fair and equitable process for other groups using our parks spaces to carry out similar activities. We are glad to say this has occurred.

In order to use our parks to provide an important community need and address this matter holistically, Cincinnati Parks staff is preparing an amended fee waiver process to include events providing free community services. The draft program will be presented for consideration to the Cincinnati Park Board of Commissioners at the June meeting. This solution not only assists TrIIIbe’s Potluck event but also allows similar-minded organizations throughout the City to benefit.

We want to thank United Way of Greater Cincinnati, along with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation who have stepped forward in partnership and agreed to assist the Park Board in making sure community service events, like the one TrIIIbe is leading in Piatt Park, have the space and support needed to change lives. We look forward to working with them to identify creative ways to use city park space to do good in our community.

“Our parks are public spaces and should be used for the benefit of those we have the privilege of serving,” said Wade Walcutt, Director of Cincinnati Parks. He continued, “We’re thankful for this opportunity to take a broader look at our practices. Just because it’s not the way we’ve always done things, isn’t an excuse to continue doing things the same way. “We are confident these changes will allow us to advance this mission, build better lives and build a better Cincinnati. We appreciate United Way, Cincinnati Parks Foundation and other partners who have offered or given their support.”