Cicada Hot Spots


Cicada Hot Spots

The cicadas are in full swing! Across most of the city, if you step outside, you’ll hear these short-lived creatures buzzing loudly. Early in the morning you may see masses of them flying near a tree and mistake them for falling leaves. You may even see a bird, or dog, chomping on these protein-filled insects.

If you haven’t had the joy of experiencing the Brood X cicadas, we know some places you can find them…in our parks! Whether you want to photograph them or observe them with the kids, check out these parks to see tons of them.

  • Rapid Run – This park is FULL of cicadas. No matter where you walk in the park, you are bound to see them flying around, resting on a tree or crawling along a park bench. They may even land on you.
  • Mt. Echo Park – Most West Side parks are filled with cicadas, and Mt. Echo Park is no exception. Whether you walk along the path near the pavilion or relax on a park bench, you will see and hear them.
  • Mt. Airy Forest – It’s a forest, what do you expect? They’re everywhere here.
  • Burnet Woods – While you’re hiking the trails here, you won’t be able to drown out the noise of these insects. Enjoy it and let it guide you through your hike.
  • Alms Park – This is an unexpected place to find cicadas, but they’re all over. Bring your kids to play on the playground and then learn a bit about these red-eyed bugs.
  • Eden Park – There are trees covered in them! Visit Presidential Grove for the full experience.
  • Nature Preserves – Most of our nature preserves have a cicada presence, since these are undisturbed areas.


Get out there and enjoy these unique bugs while you can. They’re only here for a few more weeks and then we’ll have to wait another 17 years.

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