Piatt Park


100 Garfield Pl. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Park Features

This two-block long shady park has fountains, plenty of seating for downtown picnics, and Wi-Fi access. It’s got the only equestrian statue in the city (that of North Bend, Ohio settler and 9th U.S. President William Henry Harrison). Nearly 200 years old now, Piatt Park is a treasured oasis in downtown Cincinnati.

Piatt Park
100 Garfield Pl.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

  • Lake/Pond/Fountain
  • Historic Feature/Public Art

Piatt Park (Downtown)

  • Monument: Piatt was Cincinnati’s first park (see Parks History), and this bronze sculpture honors an early Cincinnati hero: William Henry Harrison (1773-1841), ninth U.S. president and Ohio’s first. Harrison achieved fame in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811 and as a War of 1812 military commander. Following his marriage to the daughter of John Cleves Symmes, he settled just west of Cincinnati in North Bend. Harrison was elected U.S. president in 1840; a few days after delivering the longest inaugural address in history (an hour and 45 minutes), he died of pneumonia. Created by Art academy instructor Louis T. Rebisso (1837-1899) and his student Clement Barnhorn, this sculpture is Cincinnati’s only equestrian statue.
  • Fountains: Flanking Race Street in Piatt Park are two circular reflecting pools with granite slabs that mirror the surrounding urban landscape. Beneath a curtain of water that flows over the granite surfaces are carved symbols for water, air and land. Cincinnati artist Stuart Fink’s fountain was dedicated in 1989 in memory of local delicatessen owner Isadore “Izzy” Kadetz, who died in 1983.
  • James Abrams Garfield Monument: At Piatt’s east end is this 1885 bronze-cast monument to the 20th U.S. president, one of six born in Ohio, who was assassinated in 1881. It’s the creation of Cincinnati sculptor Charles Henry Niehaus.