Carol Ann’s Carousel

Father and daughter enjoy indoor carousel

Carol Ann’s Carousel is closed until further notice. This is an unfortunate necessity as the City responds to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please revisit our website for COVID-19 Park Updates and check in with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for day to day information.

Come and take a ride on one of 44 whimsical Cincinnati-centric characters that make up Carol Ann’s Carousel. The carousel is an amazing work of art featuring original artwork by Jonathan Queen with panels depicting animal characters playing in one of the numerous Cincinnati parks. Additional panels celebrate the many historic landmarks of Cincinnati. The carousel is housed inside a glass building so it can operate year-round.

Take home a keepsake from the gift shop located inside the carousel building and play in the Pichler Spraygrounds when you bring your family and friends to experience this new Cincinnati tradition.

The carousel —a gift from the Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Foundation/US Bank was built by Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio, the world’s largest manufacturer of hand-carved wooden carousels.

The Carousel is located at 8 East Mehring Way, just across the street from the new P&G GoVibrant Playscape next to the Roebling Bridge and immediately west of the new Pichler Fountain off of Rosa Parks Drive. For more information about hours, cost, birthday celebrations, photos and rentals, please click the “Read More” tab below or call 513.381.3756.

Parking is available through the central parking garage, Sawyer Point and metered parking spaces in the area.

Operating Hours

January 2nd to March 27th, 2020
11am – 4pm (closed Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

March 28th to September 2nd, 2020
11am – 7pm (closed Monday)
Special hours July 4th 11am – 4pm

September 3rd to December 31st, 2020
11am – 4pm (closed Mondays & Tuesdays)

** Closed January 29th – February 9th for Yearly Maintenance**


Cost of Tokens:
1 ride = $2.00 per person
6 rides = $10.00
13 rides = $20.00
50 rides = $75.00
100 rides = $150.00

*Please note: Children less than 42” tall must be accompanied by an adult. The adult accompanying the child under 42” tall is free.
*Tokens are non-refundable and never expire.

Rules of the Ride

  • Bell signals the beginning and end of the ride
  • No food, drinks, balloons or gum are allowed on the carousel
  • No bare feet or wet clothing is allowed
  • All riders must wear shoes and shirts for safety
  • No pets/animals allowed in the building or ride
  • No horseplay
  • Do not sit on handrail
  • Only one rider per animal
  • Riders must remain facing forward at all times with one leg on each side of the Carousel animals, no side saddle riding or standing on animal

  • No one is permitted in the Carousel’s operator area
  • All riders must remain seated and hold onto pole with both hands while ride is in operation
  • Children under 3 years old and children under 42” must be accompanied by an adult
  • All riders must have a token, supervising adult assisting the child under 42” may ride for free
  • Supervising adults must stand next to the animal and hold onto the child
  • Riders that are 275 pounds or more must ride on the riverboat or stationary animal ONLY
  • Individuals with heart conditions should consult with their physician before riding
  • If a rider becomes unruly, not adhering to the safety standards, the operator will stop the ride and unruly riders will have to exit the ride.


Birthday Party Details

Child birthday celebrations are booking now! For more information about a celebration, please call 513.381.3756 or email to carousel@cincinnatiparks.com

Birthday parties must be booked 2 weeks in advance of requested party date. Payments are due in full at the time of reservation. Payments are nonrefundable. If the party is canceled for any reason, the payment may be transferred to another date. All sales are final.

Birthday parties require a 10 child/attendee minimum at the cost of $200. Each extra child or attendee is $10, up to a maximum of 15 children/attendees.

Standard Birthday Participants Receive:

  • Online printable Carousel Birthday Party Invitations
  • Setup includes 2 large tables, 1 small cake table, 1 small gift table and 18 chairs. The Carousel will provide tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins and/or utensils with the purchase of a food package.
  • Rides for children with birthday party group during designated party hours (each child in the birthday group will receive a wristband entry on the Carousel).
  • The birthday child receives 3 tokens for future use, 1 of 3 predetermined gifts, a birthday crown or tiara and a birthday bracelet.

Different Birthday party packages will be available. The different packages include a naturalist and/or a food included option. All packages include a craft. For more package information, please call 513.381.3756 or email carousel@cincinnatiparks.com

Other Events & After Hours

Carousel events may be held during non-operational hours. The Anderson Pavilion Culinary Group organizes the Carousel events during non-operational hours. Please visit www.andersonpavilion.com or call 513.978.1821 for more information.

Calendar of Events

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