Carol Ann’s Carousel Spring Events

Carol Ann’s Carousel Spring Events

Whirlin’ Good Time Day
March 16th, 11a-3:30p
For just $6, buy a band for unlimited rides all day! Come join us for this whirlin’ good time!

Luck of the Carousel Craft Day
March 17th, 11a-3:30pm
Come enjoy family friendly crafts and enter the ‘Luck of the Carousel Drawing’ to win your ‘pot of gold’. The animals would be ‘lucky’ to see you again soon!

Carousel in Bloom
March 18th, 11a-3:30p
Live animal encounters with Explore Nature!, friendship crafts, and enter the ‘Carousel Blooming’ giveaway for your chance to win a Parks Goodie Bag valued at more than $40! Excitement ‘sprouting’? Well come whirl with us!

Nature Self Portrait Craft Day
March 31st, 11a-3:30p
Children can come enjoy the art of self expression with nature inspired items to make their piece of art. The animals have their ‘self-portraits’, and can’t wait to see yours!

Family Fun Night
April 6th, 5p-8p
Back by popular demand is Carol Ann’s Carousel’s Family Fun Nights! Enter for your chance to win tokens and tickets to a Krohn Conservatory Show! Missed this day come again on May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd and September 7th, 2017!

Insect Program Day
April 8th, 11am-5pm
Join us to view creepy, crawly, cute bugs; fun nature education, and cool insect crafts. Come play our mix and match bug game! Don’t ‘bug out’, the insects can’t wait to see you soon!

Hoppin’ Good Time Day
April 15th, 11am-5pm
Enjoy fun Tortoise and Hare crafts, coloring and exciting interactive activities! Come have a hoppin’ good time with us at Carol Ann’s Carousel!

Going Round the Earth Day
April 22nd, 11am-5pm
Enjoy family friendly nature inspired crafts, learn what you can make using recyclable/trash materials, and fun activities! We’ll be ‘Around’, so come whirl with us soon!