Butterflies of Ecuador at Krohn Conservatory

A Blue Morpho butterfly sits next to a pond and foliage.

Butterflies of Ecuador at Krohn Conservatory

The Butterflies of Ecuador have descended upon Krohn Conservatory in beautiful Eden Park. The show creates a captivating environment filled with 12,000 butterflies in free flight for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Visitors will also encounter a bit of Ecuador, referred to as “four worlds in one,” represented by different climate zones: Amazons, Andes, Coast and the Galapagos Islands.

Butterfly chrysalises that look like crumpled leaves hang in a glass case.

Working closely with USDA regulations, the Krohn Conservatory imports a variety of butterfly chrysalises. Metamorphosis occurs over the course of 9 to 14 days, where the butterflies develop in the Krohn Butterfly Nursery.  After emerging from the chrysalis, they start to flutter around their containers. You can get a peak of this process after you enter the conservatory, just past the Desert House! New butterflies are released daily in the show room, where you can walk among them. At any given day there are roughly 1,200 butterflies for you to enjoy. If you are lucky, you will get a butterfly to land on the special landing pads provided. The landing pads are colorful and scented with vanilla, which attracts the butterflies.

Many people ask, “what happens to the butterflies at the end of the show?” When the show ends on June 16, the remaining butterflies are carefully captured and securely packaged. They then make a special trip to Florida where they will finish out their short lives in another butterfly show.

The Butterflies of Ecuador Show is going on now through June 16, and you won’t want to miss it. Check out the event brochure for special events like Breakfast With Butterflies or Botany and Brews: Passion Flower Fruit, where you can enjoy the butterflies and much more!