Burnet Woods Volunteer Recognition

a picture of five volunteers, two women and three men, holding Volunteer Appreciation paper Awards for their outstanding work.

Burnet Woods Volunteer Recognition

On January 16, the Board of Park Commissioners recognized four outstanding Burnet Woods volunteers. Steve Slack, Lisa Haglund, Jim Mason and Dave Gressley are four key members of the Burnet Woods Invasive Removal Team. They have dedicated their time, effort and expertise to creating a long-term plan to remove invasive species in Burnet Woods.

Burnet Woods has suffered from invasive plant species throughout the years. Although volunteers worked tirelessly to remove these plants, there was no long-term removal and management plan in place to combat the issue. In the past year, however, a dedicated team of volunteers and staff worked together to develop such a plan.

These four individuals perform vital work in Burnet Woods, committing many hours to park improvements and conservation efforts including developing a management strategy, training volunteers, working invasive removal events and collaborating with staff to develop an invasive removal contract (RFP). Cincinnati Parks greatly benefits from the varied expertise each of these volunteers bring to their work in Burnet Woods.

Steve Slack has a background in Environmental Studies and is the owner and operator of a native plant nursery, Keystone Flora, since 2005. He has volunteered with the Parks for 17 years.

Lisa Haglund is a founding board member of Preserve Burnet Woods. She has been organizing volunteer invasive plant removal efforts in Burnet Woods since 2003 and most recently is working with Clifton Town Meeting to promote invasive removal efforts in the park.

Jim Mason owns and operates Horticultural Management Inc. He has decades of invasive plant management experience and serves on many environmental boards, including B-W Greenway Community Land Trust, Ohio natural Areas and Preserves Association and Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society.

Dave Gressley is the Director of Horticulture at Spring Grove Cemetery, former curator at Holden Arboretum for 20 years and was Director of Horticulture at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland for 6 years.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to Cincinnati Parks!

Interested in volunteering with Preserve Burnet Woods? Visit the webpage or email ilove.burnet@preserveburnetwoods.org

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