Burnet Woods Temporary Road Closure

view of lake at Burnet Woods with road behind it

Burnet Woods Temporary Road Closure

Cincinnati Parks has temporarily closed to vehicular traffic the section of Burnet Woods Drive winding through the center of the park (see attached map). The road remains open for pedestrian and bike traffic. This change was planned as one component of the Park Board 2007 Master Plan and has been a topic of conversation supported by many in the surrounding communities.
The reason for the closure is to create additional green space within the center of the park by making this area safer for pedestrians and cyclists. At present, this steep section of the road allows vehicular traffic to cut through the park’s trail system. This can cause conflicts between cars, cyclists, children and adults since the trail system crosses the road at this location.

Park users and stakeholders can provide feedback on the road closure by filling out an electronic survey. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT SURVEY. Parks is also collecting feedback from individual park stakeholder organizations and users within and outside of the immediate vicinity. During this closure, Parks staff will assess the impact on park users and park operations. The closure will be re-evaluated in 90 days after adequate community feedback has been received.


map of burnet woods and where road closure to vehicular traffic will take place in the park