Burnet Woods Community Feedback Continues

Kids sliding down concrete slide in Burnet Woods

Burnet Woods Community Feedback Continues

The Park Board continues public engagement efforts toward potential improvements to, Burnet Woods.

Previously, the Park Board hosted a community conversation at the Clifton Recreation Center the evening of May 23rd, at which presentations from two different organizations; the Camping & Education Foundation and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center were shared. Goals of the community conversation were fourfold and included: Community engagement,  Information Sharing, Listening and Learning.

Fortunately over 160 engaged community members participated in the conversation representing a clear expression of the community interest and passion for the park. The feedback received is available here.

Additionally, Park Director Wade Walcutt and Park Planning Superintendent Steven Schuckman were invited to attend the June 4 meeting of the Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) to answer a number of questions about Burnet Woods arising from the Community Conversation held in Clifton on May 23rd. Leslie Mooney, Director of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) was also invited to attend and provided a recap of the meeting and presentation.

The following were the issues and the responses provided by Mr. Walcutt and Mr. Shuckman at the June 4 CTM meeting:

  • No decisions had been made on either of the two proposals for new projects in Burnet Woods
  • Staff will engage and conduct additional community conversations with (other various community organizations.
  • The Board of Park Commissioners next meeting is June 28th at  9:00 am at which the CCAC will present their proposal but no final decisions will be made at that meeting
  • If either project were to proceed, that project would be part of a formal agreement which would allow for revenue to be generated and opportunities for services/programs to directly benefit Burnet Woods.
  • Park improvement ideas and increased maintenance and programming were welcome and will be pursued with a combination of reviewing current operations and resource allocations, and more funding.

This is an ongoing process and conversation. Both potential projects are conceptual at this point and will not proceed without further deliberation and community input prior to any action by the Board of Park Commissioners.

As this process continues, additional updates will be provided here.