Ault Park Weeping Cherry Grove

Visitors walk through the Ault Park Cherry Grove in bloom.

Ault Park Weeping Cherry Grove

The flower buds are finally opening. It’s time to come check out the unique sea of blossoming weeping cherry trees at Ault Park!

According to Park lore, 1,000 Japanese Cherry blossom trees were given to the city as a gift to Mayor Russell Wilson in the 1930’s. Since then, Cincinnati Parks staff have planted additional trees to maintain the grove’s majestic character. In 2008 the Japan America Society planted 121 Somei Yoshino Trees in the grove at Ault Park. A map of that grove is shown below.

As you enter Ault Park on Observatory Road, you will find Kwanzan Cherry tree grove on the hillside slopes planted by the Parks team. You continue further and you will find the Japanese Cherry blossom tree grove, located at the park intersection of Observatory Road and Observatory Circle. This site is near the Ault Parks Commons . This has become a popular attraction for easel painters and family photos celebrating the coming of spring.

Photo Courtesy Cincinnati Parks Foundation and Robert Flischel

When are the trees in bloom and for how long?

Anytime from mid-March to mid-April, depending on the warm temperatures. Bloom time last about a week.


Map of 2008 Japan America Society Cherry Tree Grove in Ault Park