Annual Business Plan



Our team is excited to implement the Annual Business Plan recently approved by the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners. This plan demonstrates our commitment to advance our mission and fundamental pillars of C.A.R.E.S.:


  • Create Economic Impacts
  • Advance Conservation
  • Rejuvenate Health and Wellness
  • Enhance Quality of Life
  • Sustain Social Equity


Specifically, this plan represents goals and initiatives strategically identified by our team to be accomplished in Fiscal Year 2020. Every key performance indicator is informed by performance measures and includes a timeline demonstrating the critical path to completion for each strategy.


We’re grateful for the support and leadership we receive from the Board of Park Commissioners, City Council, the Mayor’s Office and the City Manager’s Office. The continued philanthropic support of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation and the backing of the community at large is second to none. It’s with this Annual Business Plan and the combination of support above, Cincinnati Parks is annually on the top 10 list in several national ranking categories.


We will continue to develop amazing parks and opportunities for all to create lasting memories and amazing experiences. In short, we will build better lives and a better community. On behalf of the Park Board Team, I look forward to updating you on our progress and accomplishments in the coming year.



Kara Kish

Annual Business Plan for Fiscal Year 2020

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