Cincinnati Parks Advisory Council (CPAC)

CPAC Mission: To build and maintain public support for Cincinnati Parks by providing feedback to the Cincinnati Park Board and exchanging and sharing information and providing mutual support between park advisory councils.

Cincinnati Parks Advisory Council Meetings

December 11, 2018 Agenda Survey Presentation
March 26, 2019 Agenda Grant Application Form
June 4, 2019 Agenda
September 10, 2019 Agenda
December 10, 2019 Agenda
March 10, 2020 Agenda
April 22, 2021 Agenda Volunteer Update, Better Impact, Link to Meeting

Active Cincinnati Parks Advisory Councils

Park Advisory Council Neighborhood Contact
Alms Park Advisory Council Columbia-Tusculum Contact
Ault Park Advisory Council Mt. Lookout Contact
Avon Woods Advisory Council North Avondale/Paddock Hills Contact
Bradford-Felter Tanglewood College Hill Contact
Burnet Woods Advisory Council Clifton/Corryville/CUF Contact
Caldwell Nature Preserve Advisory Council Carthage Contact
California Woods Advisory Council California Contact
CUF Neighborhoods Advisory Council Clifton Heights/University/Fairview Contact
Dog Park Advisory Council Mt. Airy Contact
Drake Park Advisory Council Kennedy Heights Contact
Dunore Park Advisory Council Clifton/Corryville/CUF Contact
Eden Park Advisory Council Walnut Hills Contact
Fleischmann Gardens Advisory Council Avondale Contact
Inwood Park Advisory Council Mt. Auburn Contact
Kennedy Heights/Woodford Parks Kennedy Heights Contact
Laboiteaux Woods Advisory Council College Hill Contact
Larz Anderson Park Advisory Council Columbia-Tusculum Contact
Little Duck Creek Advisory Council Madisonville Contact
Lytle Park Advisory Council Downtown Contact
Miles-Edwards Advisory Council Price Hill Contact
Mt. Airy Forest Advisory Council Mt. Airy Contact
Mt. Echo Advisory Council Price Hill Contact
Mt. Storm & Bowdle Advisory Council Clifton/Corryville/CUF Contact
Northside Greenspace Inc. Northside Contact
Owls Nest Park Advisory Council East Walnut Hills/O’Bryonville/Evanston Contact
Rapid Run Advisory Council West Price Hill Contact
Sayler Park Advisory Council Sayler Park Contact
Stanbery Park Advisory Council Mt. Washington Contact
Walnut Woods Park Advisory Council Evanston Contact
Wilson Commons Park Advisory Council East Price Hill Contact
Wulsin Triangle Park Advisory Council Hyde Park Contact

Park Improvement Community Request Program

Often residents, park users or community organizations wish to approach the Cincinnati Park Board with ideas for park improvements. This request process was established to provide a uniform, transparent and objective method and criteria for Park Board Staff to review park improvement proposals and determine if the requested improvement should be developed further.

Under this process, individuals and groups may submit requests for park projects through the on-line request form linked below. Projects seeking Park Board Capital dollars are required to submit requests by July 1st of every year to be considered for inclusion in the subsequent fiscal year’s capital budget. The Park Board staff will use a uniform set of objective criteria to review and score each request. After the proposal has been reviewed, the requestor will receive a written response indicating the disposition and, if applicable, what the next steps are. In addition, after the review the results will be reported to the Board of Park Commissioners.

This process should not impede or prevent routine requests for maintenance, minor repairs, replacements and improvements which can generally be addressed within existing resources. Routine requests include replacement of regulatory signs, bench/table repairs/replacements, repair of broken lights, drinking fountains, fences, irrigation systems, and minor repairs to sidewalks/steps. These can be reported to Park staff at any time by calling 513.357.2604 or: https://www.cincinnatiparks.com/customer-service/