A Lifetime of Discovery Awaits with Cincinnati Parks

National Parks & Recreation Month July 2018

A Lifetime of Discovery Awaits with Cincinnati Parks

Celebrate Park and Recreation Month this July

Get ready to unlock A Lifetime of Discovery this month with Cincinnati Parks and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. Created by NRPA, Park and Recreation Month specifically highlights the vital and powerful role local parks and recreation organizations, such as Cincinnati Parks, play in conservation, health and wellness, and social equity efforts in communities all across the United States.

This year, we’re all about highlighting the unique — and sometimes unknown — offerings of our local parks and recreation facilities. From guided fitness classes to independent hiking opportunities on trails throughout our parks, Cincinnati Parks has a wide variety of beneficial programs. NRPA and Cincinnati Parks are encouraging everyone to get out and discover everything their local parks and recreation facilities have to offer! A few of the upcoming special event offerings include Nostalgia Weekend at Carol Ann’s Carousel on July 14 & 15, concerts in Eden Park’s Seasongood Pavilion on Thursday nights with It’s Commonly Jazz, and Smale Family Fun Days along the riverfront for the kiddos!

By hosting exciting events and activities, parks provide a space for communities to come together in celebration of the great outdoors. “Using our park spaces to build better lives and better communities is what we are all about,” says Cincinnati Parks Director Wade Walcutt.

Cincinnati Parks also offer spaces where communities can improve their health and well-being together. Through programs with our naturalist, outdoor exercise equipment, and walking or hiking trails, our parks provide opportunities for people of all ages to achieve healthier lifestyles, promote and understand nature and conservation, and become involved. Events such as Canoe Night at Rapid Run Park, the Smale Mind and Body series, and year-round camps provide various opportunities to get outside, stay fit, and learn about the natural world.

Nationally, NRPA is celebrating Park and Recreation Month with a weekly contest encouraging people to share the unique things they’ve discovered at their local parks. NRPA also encourages everyone that supports parks and recreation to share something new they’ve discovered with the hashtag #DiscoverJuly.
For more information about the contest and Park and Recreation Month, visit www.nrpa.org/July

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