2019 ReLeaf Program Accepting Applications

Individuals Picking up their trees from the Fall Releaf Program.

2019 ReLeaf Program Accepting Applications

Get your free tree now. Through the ReLeaf Program Cincinnati Parks has given away nearly 20,000 trees consisting of more than 40 species in the 31 years of the program. The trees are planted in front yards of homes and schools to provide the beauty and energy-saving shade of a street tree without the costly conflicts with overhead utilities. This program is made possible through the support of the Duke Energy Foundation and the Cincinnati Parks Foundation. Their support allows us to provide the trees to Cincinnati property owners at no cost. The deadline to apply is October 4, 2019.

The ReLeaf program was established in 1988 to provide shade trees for homeowners who either have street tree lawns that are too narrow to be planted by Urban Forestry or have overhead utility lines in them. The program has blossomed to include community and school involvement and a more diverse tree species selection.

Interested in participating for 2019? Click the links below to learn more about the trees and register online by October 4, 2019 for consideration.

2019 Releaf Tree Selection Sheet

Online Registration Form


The Park Board’s Urban Forestry division works diligently to bring each residential neighborhood up to 40% tree canopy coverage to help improve the impacts of air pollution, urban heat island effect, residential energy demands, and storm water management.

A single large canopy deciduous tree, such as an oak or sycamore, can help control 400 to 1,000 gallon of stormwater thru canopy interception. This benefits homeowners by reducing soil erosion and manage flooding from rainfall.

We are encouraging residents in the neighborhoods with the lowest canopy to apply for your free tree today, to help us meet our goals! Target neighborhoods below 40% tree canopy goal include:

  • Avondale (34%)
  • Bond Hill (23%)
  • Camp Washington (8%)
  • Carthage (16%)
  • Coryville (11%)
  • East End (27%)
  • Evanston (29%)
  • Hartwell (31%)
  • Linwood (20%)
  • Lower Price Hill (18%)
  • Mount Auburn (35%)
  • Oakley (24%)
  • Pleasant Ridge (34%)
  • Queensgate (9%)
  • Roselawn (22%)
  • Walnut Hills (30%)