DIY Holiday Crafts

a DIY gingerbread man ornament hangs in a holiday tree

DIY Holiday Crafts

Haven’t we always heard that homemade gifts come from the heart! This can be a hard concept to teach children. But with the Holiday Season quickly approaching, it is a great time to practice this and help them express their love and gratitude for family and friends. If you enjoy the comfort of your home and are already a DIY family, you can create as a family a few unique holiday ornaments and décor.

 Join Explore Nature! at one of these great holiday events or stop by Krohn Conservatory during the ‘6 Saturdays to a Homemade Holiday’:

Explore Nature! Holiday Craft Afternoon Workshop

Explore Nature! Berries & Bows Holiday Centerpiece

 Come to the Krohn Holiday Show – The Poinsettia Express and make a special Homemade gift.

Krohn: “Make it your own Krohn” – 6 Saturdays to a Homemade Holiday

Krohn: “Make it Festive to Wear” – 6 Saturdays to a Homemade Holiday

Krohn: “Make-It-Evergreen” – 6 Saturdays to a Homemade Holiday

 Here are some of our favorites with instructions:

Punched Tin Ornament



Metal for punching (The metal side pieces from store bought frozen concentrated juices, biscuits, cookie dough, etc. work well.), nails, small hammer, sturdy cardboard or wood, ribbon/string or ornament hooks and tin snips or strong shears/scissors.

 How To:

1. Draw a pattern on paper such as a gingerbread person, candy cane, etc.

2. Tape that pattern to your metal.

3. Place on wood or sturdy cardboard backing.

4. Using hammer and nail, punch holes in the metal according to your pattern.

5. Punch a larger hole at top for ornament hook or ribbon to put ornament up on the tree.

6. Use tin snips or very strong scissors to cut your ornament’s outline out

Timber Folk Craft



Garden snips, tree branches that are 2″ in diameter and 8″ long, drill, glue gun, glue sticks, seeds or beans, acorn caps, red felt or ribbon, old white sock and  pom poms

How to:

1.  Find or cut a  8 ”  piece of wood from a branch that is 2″ inches in diameter 2.  Drill holes in each side and insert two sticks for arms 3.  Hot glue seeds or other natural items to create the face 4.  Hot glue acorn caps or other nuts to make three buttons 5.  Cut a 6″ piece of felt or ribbon to make a scarf then hot glue it to stick 6.  Cut an old sock to make a cap and attach with hot glue 6.  Add a pom pom on top of the cap with hot glue 7.  Now make more for a whole family!


Walnut Husk (Cardinal) Craft