McEvoy Park

McEvoy Park

McEvoy Features

Located at North Bend and Daley Roads, this property was purchased in 1949 from Mathew McEvoy. An additional 2.79 acres of wooded land were added in 1982 through the efforts of the College Hill Forum. Rolling hills of grass/meadowlands comprise most of the 27 acre park with shade trees throughout. There are picnic tables, play equipment, athletic fields and a large shelter picnic area.

McEvoy Park
6315 Daly Rd.
Cincinnati, OH, 45224

  • Picnic Area
  • Shelter
  • Hiking Trail
  • Playground
  • Comfort Station/Restrooms

McEvoy Park (College Hill)

  • Pavilion: This 27-acre park features grassy hills and a stone pavilion. The property was purchased in 1949 from Matthew McEvoy at significantly less than market value with the provision that he be permitted to remain in residence there until his death. The pavilion, designed by Joseph E. Stith in 1957, features a geometric plan and a sweeping roof.