Backyard Competition

Calling all hometown heroes who have watched all the cooking competitions on TV and thought, "I can do that!" This is your chance to prove it! The Backyard Barbeque Competition at River Grill is a contest for amateurs in both the Pork Ribs and Chicken Wings categories. The all around Grand Champion will win $1,000, with cash prizes being awarded through 5th place in both the All Around Competition and within both individual categories. Only 24 Backyard teams will be admitted so submit your application today:

Backyard BBQ Competition Application 

Backyard Competitors Rules & Regulations

Best Booth Contest

Suggested Food & safety Guidelines for Competitors


Grand $750
Reserve $500
3rd $250
4th $100
5th $50
6th $25
7th $25
8th $25
9th $25
10th $25
TOTAL $11,750



BACKYARD 1ST 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th - 10th
Chicken $150 $100 $75 $50 $25 $25
Pork Ribs $150 $100 $75 $50 $25 $25
Total $300 $200 $150 $100 $50 $250

 Total = $1,050


2 Big Boyz

2 Smokin Dudes BBQ

32 Q

Big Ed's BBQ

Bogey's Smokin' BBQ

Brohaugh's BBQ

Butt Rubbin' BBQ


Col. D's Sweet Smokin BBQ

Dat Ash

Dub Town Smokers

Franckandbeans BBQ

Go Big or Go BBQ

Mean Man's BBQ

Mind Your P's & Q's BBQ

Rub Our Butts BBQ

Sauce Boss

Shut the Front Door BBQ


Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke on the Water

Smoke Your Butts

Smokey Joe's

Smokin on the Water

Smoking Bad

South Side Smoking

TJ Specialties

Two Brother's Bar-B-Q

Yum's Q






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